Gatsby Facial Wash


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Comes in five variations:

Oil Control Foam

Three step (lift-dissolve-cleanse) action for thorough sebum cleansing!

Sebum Exfoliation – Exfoliates hard to remove sebum from skin surface
Sebum Dissolution – Dissolves hard to remove sebum from deep within pores
Sebum Cleansing – Thoroughly washes away excess sebum from skin surface

Acne Care Foam

Double bactericidal and anti-inflammatory ingredients prevent acne

Active Ingredients Double-bactericidal effect – Attacks acne-causing bacteria in sebum Cleansing – removes sebum and dirt Anti-inflammatory effect – Controls acne-related inflammation (swollen skin and redness)

Clear Whitening Foam

Works on old keratin, stuck dirt and melanin to eliminate dullness and brighten skin from within Active Ingredients
Clear Agent – Removes dullness-causing sebum and dirt from pores
Natural Fiber – Removes dullness-causing old keratin
Bio White – Controls melanin generation and brightens skin from within

 Power Refreshing Scrub

 Charcoal and scrub thoroughly remove sebum and dirt and refreshes skin after use

Active Ingredients
Power Scrub – Removes old keratin and dirt clogged in pores
Charcoal – Absorbs hard to remove sebum
Menthol – Finishes face wash with cooling sensation

Perfect Cleansing Scrub

 Three scrubbing agents thoroughly remove dirt from skin surface and deep within the pores!

Active Ingredients:

Clear Scrub – Removes dirt from the surface
Micro-Lifting Scrub – Removes old keratin to unplug pores
Breakable Scrub – Clears hard to remove sebm and dirt from deep within

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Gatsby Facial Wash

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